mardi 16 septembre 2014

let's wait

1 week = that's what I have to wait for an important answer.

I also have to wait until january (!!!! it's next year !!!!) to restart my NP program.



I know that I should be more patient, but I was never good with intertemporal choices! Between a smaller price right now or a greater outcome later, sometimes I choose the **ici et maintenant** option. Waiting is an art ... lol! 

While I'm waiting (and this really bores me), I found something interesting = what are the top things that we hate to wait for ( here to the text )

1. Being on hold (phone)
Yes. I hate that too. But it's not my first choice

2. Replacement bank card

really ? this one doesn't bores me so much ...

3. Deliveries

neither this one ....

4. Delayed flights

oh, this is top-5 for sure! annoying stuff, waiting and waiting, spending those precious hours inside a boring airport (any other place is better than a boring airport!)

5. Traffic jams

I'm from SP and the infernal-eternal traffic jam was one of the reasons to *leave* SP! top-5 for sure.

6. Repair man

hun, not really

7. To be seen by doctor

well, I'm a nurse so probably there's a *biais* on my way to see this waiting period. It's pretty boring but I can understand (not all the time, but mostly)

8. Bus running late
yes, the same *airplane logic*

9. Friends showing up late to social engagements

really? what about the bride? 

10. The tube

well, it's boring but it's ok. Except when we have to wait for hours and hours ...

C'mon people, this day-by-day stuff, I can handle it! 

My **waiting anxiety** is related to my profession!! Being a clinician nurse is great, but I'm on my way to become a nurse practitioner and this *waiting time* really sucks.

So, I still have 48 working days to restart my NP program, and counting ...

Meanwhile, I have to (try to) enjoy every day as a magic opportunity to improve myself (self-motivation stuff) Fall, I'm ready for you. 

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