mercredi 17 avril 2013

examen de citoyenneté le 01 mai!

OMG, le 01 mai?

le 01 mai??

le 01 mai ??????

Pour tout dire, ça fait environ un an que je n'avais pas 

ouvert le livre préparatoire!


It is a great day to be Canadian

step 1 = exam!!

2 weeks and couting

and my favorite =

dimanche 14 avril 2013

I'm surviving ...

from Marge Simpsons = "Bart, don't make fun of grad students. They just made a terrible life choice."

The Great Cycles of Life: Being and Becoming ... I was a clinical nurse, my life was good, everything was easy ... but I decided to study a little bit more ....

Oh, My ....

I have to think and remind myself all the time that :

** There is an end! = yes, yes, yes! 2014 is closer than we imagine! I had to remind myself that I would get through it all.

** I have to relax! = well, when we are studying 7 days a week  is very easy to become overwhelmed, but from time to time I allow myself some nights off, some movies and even quick tours here and there ...

** I am NOT alone! = definitely!  We are six NP students, we share good and bad moments, we blame the system, the teachers and the papers that we have to do ... and we have some fun :-)

** I am passionate aboute my future profession = Indeed!! We have a long way to go to prove ourselves, NP is a quite recent profession in Quebec,but we can do it! We'll see what the future holds in store.

** I have a very comprehensive hubby! = He agreed and we are moving closer to Laval so I can go on foot! The app is small but it's a nice place and very cozy ... With the little money graduate students make, it is important to budget a good amount of it for the best place we can afford to live and write. That's absolutely true!

At last but but least, the most important = it's an intensive 2-year Program! Money comes and goes; life experiences stay forever. It IS a big challenge but I trust myself.